Adamari López and Chiquibaby have tremendous leg duel in 'Hoy Día'

Great friends Adamari Lopez Y Chiqui Baby They have taught sensuality and good taste to wear after they were seen together showing off their attributes on social networks.

The sensual confrontation of this pair of beauties has occurred during one of the broadcasts of the morning show of Telemundo 'Today', where both have made it clear how beautiful they are and the great bodies they maintain thanks to their different diets that help them stay in perfect physical condition.

Descending the stairs is how they have been captured side by side and the image that has caused a tremendous sensation has been published on the show's official Instagram account, where her spectacular legs show off from above.

Chiquibaby has chosen to wear a very sophisticated look since her dress has a large opening in the leg which causes her to show off her charms, but she also wears one of her bare shoulders to the delight of her followers.

But Adamari is the one who has received endless reactions and comments for her brown dress and her sneakers in 'Animal Print'with big heels.

"The goddesses of the mornings","Beautiful women","Very beautiful and beautiful Chiquibaby"," They always look very good, they light up the mornings ", have been some of the outstanding comments by users of the social network.

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