Actor of "Dances with Wolves" filmed the sexual assault of a minor unconscious and prepared the girls to replace their older wives

Chasing Horse, who allegedly ran a cult called "The Circle", wrote detailed entries in his journal

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He Child exactor turned cult leader, Nathan Chasing Horse, allegedly filmed himself sexually assaulting an underage girl and was actively grooming girls to replace their older wivesrevealed a Nevada prosecutor in court.

The disturbing accusations againstThe 46-year-old “Dances With Wolves” actor came to light during a hearing Wednesday in a North Las Vegas courthouse where a judge set his bond at $300,000.

Federal prosecutors charged Chasing Horse with two counts of sexual exploitation of children and one count of possession of child pornography, according to a criminal complaint obtained by 8 News Now.

Chasing Horse, who allegedly ran a cult called "The Circle", he wrote detailed entries in his diary about his progress in grooming the young women to become his future wives, according to Clark County Chief Deputy District Attorney William Rowels.

"There is evidence that this individual is still in the process of grooming little girls to replace others as they grow up," Rowles said.

The diaries were recovered by investigators after SWAT officers and Detectives raided Chasing Horse's North Vegas home, where he lived with his five wives, on January 31 and they arrested him.

Rowles also said that Investigators discovered video allegedly showing Chasing Horse sexually assaulting a girl between the ages of 11 and 13 while she was unconscious, reported 8 News Now.

“Throughout the video, the victim appears to be unconscious and shows minimal movement,” the federal complaint said.

“The man turns the camera to his face. During this time the face of the adult is clearly visible and can be identified as a Chasing Horse.

The actor, known for his role in the 1990 Kevin Costner film, portrayed himself as a "healer" who could communicate with spirits to gain the trust of indigenous followers.

He then used his influence to sexually and physically assault girls and young women in a history of abuse that dates back to the early 2000s and spans multiple states as well as Canada, investigators said.

Police identified at least six victims, including one who was 13 when the abuse began and another who said she was offered to the alleged cult leader as a "gift" when she was 15.

Chasing Horse, who was born on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota, faces eight felony counts in Nevada, including sex trafficking, sexual assault, child abuse and possession of child pornography.

Rowles requested that bail be set at $2 million, stating that Chasing Horse poses a flight risk with an extensive network of resources and a devoted following. Chasing Horse's public defender, Kristy Holston, asked the judge to set bail at $50,000.

Bail was set at $300,000 by Justice of the Peace Craig Newman, but Chasing Horse would have to pay just 15% or $45,000 to be released under Nevada law.

The family and supporters of the alleged cult leader, who packed the courtroom and stood outside the building waving signs that translate as "Justice for Chasing Horse," cheered the news that he was granted bail.

However, his victims, including those in the courtroom, were disappointed by Newman's decision.

“What happened this morning was like a slap in the face,” said Rulon Pete, a representative for the victims. “Realistically, if he bails out, that's the mystery. What is going to happen?"

If Chasing Horse posts bail and is released, he will be electronically monitored and required to live with a relative. He also cannot have any contract with his alleged victims or minors and is prohibited from accessing alcohol, drugs and firearms, Newman ordered.

It is unclear when he will appear in federal court on the new federal charges. He, too, was charged in British Columbia, Canada, this week for an alleged sexual assault in 2018.

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