Activists demand an end to the US blockade against Cuba | News

Various social organizations and activists around the world demanded this Sunday through mobilizations in different capitals of the planet, the end of the economic, political and social blockade of the United States (USA) against Cuba.


Consequences of colonialism today

In cities like Miami and Portland, in the United States, Vancouver and Toronto, in Canada, and another nation like Mexico, to cite a few examples, they had or will have activities rejecting the policy implemented by the United States more than 60 years ago against the Caribbean country.

The Bridges of Love project led by the activist Carlos Lazo is one of the protagonists of this event. From its Twitter account, the initiative asks US President Joe Biden to end the sanctions against Cuba and eliminate the blockade.

In the same way, they demand the consular service in Cuba, the relaxation of policies for family remittances, the reopening of airports and the cessation of the “economic war against the people of Cuba.”

In Uruguay, the end of the blockade is demanded, and in other nations such as Belize, Finland, Sweden, Guatemala, Jamaica, Guinea-Bissau and Tunisia, solidarity demonstrations were also held in favor of Cuba in order to eliminate this US policy.

For his part, the secretary general of the Timor-Leste Cuba Friendship Association, Herculano, called on the administration of President Biden to end the blockade and the policy of hostility against Cuba.

Likewise, from the State Committee in Veracruz, Mexico, Senator Gloria Sánchez demanded the immediate elimination of this unilateral blockade. “It is time for the American people to tell their government that they are wrong and that they achieve, through democracy, an end to this scourge once and for all.”