Activision announced details of Call of Duty Warzone 2

The two new Activision games will hit the market this year

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Activision offered details this Friday about the new installment of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzonegames that are expected to hit the market during the course of 2022. The company indicated what will be the steps to be followed by its team of developers.

They indicated that both games are being designed together to avoid any kind of integration problems between them.

Regarding Warzone, they indicated that the Battle Royale will have completely new maps, something that had already happened with the premiere of the last season of the game and the arrival of "Caldera".

Among the changes that plan to implement is the use of a new graphics engine that will provide realism to the new title. They also pointed out that all the development of Warzone 2 will be in charge of Infinity Ward.

As part of the announcements, Activision also made public what development elements they are currently focused on. They indicated that The technical and development team is currently working on giving players the best possible gaming experience in Warzone.the signature Battle Royale.

"Currently the team's focus is strictly on the Warzone experience we are all playing today, addressing current frustrations, and addressing several important requests from our community," they said in a statement posted on their website.

They maintain that to achieve this the first step is to fix all the games that have already been released and that they could have presented some type of error.

In this sense, they stated that some of the changes they plan to implement include improvements in all forms of movement: vehicle handling, parachutes that deploy at a lower vertical height, higher player mantle height, and collision corrections for both vehicles. as for gamers.

They ensure that altogether all the changes will add about 30 improvements which can be enjoyed very soon.

Added to this is also responding to community requests such as changing the animation of the gas mask which, when the character puts it on, hinders the user's ability to aim.

A very important element that they did not specify is the date on which both video games will hit the market, which remains unknown as to when the first trailers and gameplays of each of them can begin to be seen.

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