acknowledged Bill Clinton, former US president.

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HERMOSILLO, October 25.- Former president of the United States, Bill Clinton, recognized that in the capital of Sonora, the Municipal Government managed to reduce crimes and criminality, daring to implement different and innovative public security policies, such as the flotilla of electric patrols for the police, the largest in the world, which monitor Hermosillo and have turned it into the city in the country where its inhabitants live most peacefully, according to official data from the INEGI.

The former president also warned that Mexico's great challenge is to effectively combat organized crime groups to reduce violence.

William Jefferson Clinton, who governed the United States from 1993 to 2021, was invited by the Municipal President, Antonio Aztiazarán Gutiérrez, to present the Clinton Global Initiative at the World Global Energy Forum that took place in Hermosillo with the participation of more than 50 experts in the fight against climate change and the reconversion of the economy towards the use of clean energy.

In Mexico, more authorities are required willing to do what the Municipal Government did in Hermosillo, the Mayor told me that this is the city that has reduced the perception of insecurity the most, the reason is that they acquired the largest fleet of electric police patrols in the world, if you wake up every day excited to improve, imagine what you would be capable of? Imagine what you could achieve?; "You would have incredible effects on people's mentality, and make Mexico a safer country, but dare to do different things and don't be afraid to make mistakes," said Bill Clinton.

Regarding the implementation of 220 municipal police patrols in Hermosillo, which are electric and are supplied by the largest electric station in Latin America, the Municipal President of Hermosillo assured that they carry out their preventive surveillance tours and respond to emergency calls from the citizenship, with a cost of nine pesos a day, which represents millionaire savings for the City Council.

We must improve the quality of life of citizens, we are doing it here in Hermosillo, we have the largest fleet of electric patrols on the entire planet, and with that we are improving insecurity like no capital in the country, but we are also guarding the streets of Hermosillo, at a rate of nine pesos a day of electricity per patrol,” said the Mayor of Hermosillo.

The Municipal President recalled that before having 220 electric patrols, the Municipal Government spent 40 thousand pesos a month on gasoline and workshops for each one it had and currently they consume nine pesos a day of electricity per patrol, which is 270 pesos a month. of electricity to circulate eight hours; and he announced that upon seeing these benefits they are also working on acquiring the first electric utility vehicles for other areas of the City Council.

At the opening ceremony, Antonio Astiazarán welcomed those present to the City of the Sun, accompanied by Adolfo Salazar Razo, Secretary of Government, who attended with the representation of the Governor of Sonora, Alfonso Durazo Montaño; Luis Carlos Peralta, president of the Energía Sonora Cluster, an organization with which the municipal government holds the forum.

The panelists and speakers analyzed topics of electromobility, the transmission of electrical energy and storage, which constitutes a great challenge for all renewable energies.

The experts on topics linked to the fight against climate change come from Mexico, the United States, Venezuela, El Salvador, Germany, Spain, China and Canada.

The first day of activities covered the topics: "Mobility and Green Hydrogen", "Energy to Attract Investments in Industry" and "Economic Development in the 4 Borders: Sonora, Baja California, Arizona and California."

On Thursday, October 26, the exhibitions will be: "Sonora and Hermosillo Energy Cluster, the Solar City", "Solar Energy in Smart Cities", "The Value Chain of Electric Vehicles", “Technological Trends in the Manufacturing of Photovoltaic Modules ”, “Development and Innovation in Energy Storage” and “ESG and Investment in Regional Infrastructure”.

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