Accident in Guatemala leaves at least five deaths and 20 injured | News


The Guatemalan Volunteer Fire Department reported this Sunday the fall of an extra-urban service bus into a ravine of almost 50 meters, leaving at least five dead and 20 injured as a result.


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“After three hours at the scene, more than 20 people were injured, five people died in the accident at kilometer 44.5, the Inter-American route (…) 18 people have been transferred to the Chimaltenango hospital, presenting various fractures,” firefighters detail.

The Fire Department explains that after confirming the unfortunate accident in the municipality of Sumpango, they contacted the local authorities and 17 ambulances arrived to attend to the bus passengers.

In addition to the rescue operations, the Fire Department delivered a preliminary report to officials of the Public Ministry (MP) to determine the causes of the accident and the recognition of fatalities.

Firefighters reiterated that volunteers will continue to be deployed in the area to help rescue potential victims.

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