Acapulco Natural Park stops winds from Hurricane Otis

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The Natural Park “The Veladero” located in the upper part of the bay of the port of Acapulcoslightly slowed down the 330 kilometer per hour winds of Hurricane Otis, which reduced the catastrophe in the neighborhoods surrounding this natural area.

In an interview with Grupo Imagen, Humberto Adán Peña Fuentes, National Commissioner of Protected Natural Areas (CONANP), assured that the National Park was devastated in 95 percent of its surface with the passage of Otis.

“It is the place where there are forest massifs that prevent the soil from eroding, allow the collection of water and allow climate regulation, because if they did not exist there would be much more heat in the port. The important thing is that they prevent the passage of meteorological phenomena, the Veladero today, although it has lost and suffered damage to 95 percent of its surface, the trees lost their leaves and foliage, it helped the colonies that are behind the Veladero, "they did not have more negative effects"

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He assured that they will be invested between 20 and 40 million pesos for its reforestation processwhich will include neighboring communities in the first quarter of 2024.

"Our park was damaged, we are going to invest next year between 20 and 40 million pesos to be able to restore it, in restoration monitoring surveillance brigades with local communities, we are going to do that, but we are also sure that with the next season of "The rains will regenerate foliage on the trees."

He highlighted that these types of natural protected areas naturally stop the winds due to the foliage and trees they have; in addition to the water recharge they have; They regulate the climate and prevent landslides due to the roots of the vegetation, which do not allow soil erosion. and they prevent the hills from falling apart.

Peña Fuentes, pointed out that, in joint work with the National Forestry Commission, They are tasked with starting in the first quarter of 2024, once the emergency is over in the municipalities of Acapulco and Coyuca de Benítez begin reforestation of the area.

“Coordinated work will have to be done to diagnose the restoration of the park, why this park can prevent the most harmful effects of some phenomena”

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He added that for this reforestation of the port of Acapulco, various nurseries will be installed, where The seeds of the species that are found on the Costa Grande of Guerrero will be sown, because they are already acclimatized; It is also contemplated to carry out the corresponding studies on the fauna of the affected area.

“We have not yet done the studies for the emergency issue, but we are going to do an ecological diagnosis of the park and the biodiversity, that is what we will be doing for the first three months of next year, now that this whole emergency issue is over.”

Part of the reforestation will be carried out with compost that will come from the tons of green waste left by the Hurricane Otis in Acapulco, which will be done in the coming months.

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