Acapulco is already moving; transporters make their fortune

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14 days after the passing of hurricane Otis Through the port, little by little the city is reactivating, businesses are beginning to open, gas stations are operating and there are now places to buy food and get water to drink.

The neighborhood markets are already operating, selling food, the bolillo vendors are already touring the neighborhoods offering bread.

Some hardware stores and construction materials sales houses are already serving people.

In the colonies, the tortillerias are already working, although in many places the price of the tortilla is quoted at 30 pesos, in others at 40 pesos and the maximum price is 50 pesos per kilo, with the pretext of the contingency being faced. in the port.

Another sector that is taking advantage of the situation is transportation; The few urban trucks that are circulating charge 15 pesos, when the official rate is 11 pesos.

The same thing happens with collective taxis, whose official rate is 25 pesos and they are charging up to 50 pesos. Normal taxis are charging an extra 25 pesos per drop off. Carriers are having a blast in the middle of November.

Food businesses are slowly opening their doors; Incredibly, what is most abundant at the moment are tacos al pastor in almost all the neighborhoods; The price of each taco is 25 pesos and a kilo of al pastor meat, with its tortillas, is priced at 500 pesos per kilo.

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Most of the gas stations are already operating, but the most affected ones opened partially and are monitored by the National Guard.

There are already several supermarkets open, only with basic necessities. Which helps people buy what they need.

The Army and Conagua installed water purification plants in various parts of the city, people bring their water jug ​​and fill it.

The main streets are being cleaned, but this is a titanic task; There are thousands of pieces of metal sheets lying in the streets; destroyed trees. Huge gondolas arrived at the port that are moved by tractor-trailers, filled by forklifts and from there they take the garbage to the landfills.

In many neighborhoods they use pieces of tin and the remains of water tanks to make barricades and close the streets, in order to prevent theft.

The hospitals have not stopped working, but now their operation is better and the pharmacies in front have already opened their sales to the public.

Some companies are hiring personnel to clean their facilities and repair them, businesses are already open and movement.

Help is coming very slowly; The Navy and the Army are distributing food supplies in the colonies, many civil organizations are also doing so, as well as religious institutions.

Those who have taken the cake are the CFE workers, because they are doing a titanic job and the people of Acapulco recognize it, in many neighborhoods they prepare food for them and invite them
to eat.

Cleaning Acapulco will take a long time, since in 15 days only the three important roads in the city have been partially cleared: Costera Miguel Alemán, Cuauhtémoc Avenue and Ruiz Cortines Avenue.


Luis lives in the community of La Venta, a small town located at the entrance to Acapulco, famous for its bread and the pork filling that they prepare there.

His house is located on the banks of the La Venta river, but between the water level and his house there is a difference in height of about 12 meters.

The night the hurricane arrived we went to sleep early, around 10 at night, the river had not risen yet; In the patio we have a space to raise animals, pigs and goats, my grandmother has a small clay oven and on Sundays she prepares stuffing, with pork or sometimes goat barbecue.

In the early morning we woke up to the water; "It got into the house, the water level of the river rose more than 12 meters and reached the houses on the banks, many of the animals in the corral died and we were only able to rescue two goats and six pigs," he narrated.


According to figures from the authorities, there are more than 190 thousand homes with some type of damage, out of a total of 230 thousand homes. Only 40 thousand homes remain to be censused.

9 million 52 thousand liters of water have been distributed free of charge throughout the city, according to authorities.

Until this Tuesday, 1,034 people have been located who did not appear after October 24 due to the passage of the hurricane.

Aid is flowing, trailers from the Navy and the Ministry of National Defense, loaded with food supplies, go to the outskirts of Acapulco distributing food and water.

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