AC Milan fans throw away fake bills with an image of their former goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma | Video

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The fans of the AC Milan They gave a special welcome to their former goalkeeper, Gianluigi Donnarummaduring the Date 4 of the Champions League in front of Paris-Saint-Germain this Tuesday at San Siro.

From the stands of the Lombard stadium, the Rossoneros fans threw fake bills with the image of Donnarumma to the center, and the words “Mercenary" and "man without honor” written explicitly.

The Italian goalkeeper, today at PSG, He played for the Milan club between 2015 and 2021before leaving for the French club for free. He also received whistles and insults from the Italian stands.

Marco Pacini, responsible for the fan group “South Bend“He had already communicated the project before the game, on social networks. He had ironically declared that the goalkeeper was going to have “a warm welcome“.

His behavior with Milan in recent months and his way of leaving cannot be silenced. He had an attitude without any respect towards the fans and especially towards a club that made him grow and launched him into high-level football. He is unforgivable.

The South Curve He distributed those bills at the entrance of the San Siro Stadium. They also gave instructions on “how to use them”. The recipe will be sent to a soccer school, to “stop training worthless people like him” according to the ultras.

He number 71present on the banknotes, refers to the traditional Neapolitan “Smorfia”, a “dream book” that assigns a number to the meaning of a dream. In the book, the number 71 means “useless man” or more precisely “man shitty“.

The tensions between Lombard fans and Gianluigi Donnarummathey started before summer 2021.

In 2017, to extend the contract of the international goalkeeper, A.C. Milan had to offer him a luxurious salary to convince him to stay at the club. With just 18 years old at that time, Donnarumma got a annual salary of 7 million euros. An act that was poorly perceived by the club's ultras.

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