Abortion law in Ecuador is voted on in eight days | News

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After more than 40 interventions, the National Assembly of Ecuador concluded this Thursday its second debate on the draft Organic Law that Guarantees the Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy for Girls, Adolescents and Women in the event of Rape, with which everything was prepared for its eventual vote. within eight days.


Ecuadorian Parliament holds second debate on abortion

According to local media, more than 40 interventions were carried out that showed wide differences with respect to the subject.

According to article 61 of the Organic Law of the Legislative Function, the final vote was postponed for eight days in order to include the conclusions addressed in the final text.

In the opinion of the deputy Johanna Moreira, who supported the majority report of the Justice and Structure of the State Commission, the defense of the rights of girls, adolescents and women victims of rape was placed at the forefront of the debate, who were historically they have been placed in situations of criminalization and forced motherhood.

In this sense, he declared that: "We have formulated a project with technical and scientific criteria and arguments, in order to deliver an effective tool to society."

In the debate, arguments were also issued focused on changing article 45 of the Ecuadorian Constitution, which bases the right to life from the very conception.

One sector considered that girls, adolescents and women victims of rape should have guaranteed access to abortion without being subjected to re-victimization.

It is expected that within the aforementioned period the citizens will be able to know the verdict that the Parliament will assume. Experts and media outlets estimate that, judging by the dissimilar approaches made in the Legislative session, Ecuadorian society would move forward in order to approve the measure and establish a more effective defense of the rights of women and girls.

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