A young man identical to Octavio Ocaña appears on social networks: “Is he or does he look like?”


Once again the name of Octavio Ocana has given what to talk about within social networks due to a video in which a young man who looks identical to the actor who passed away in October 2021 after a police chase.

Mexican actor Octavio Ocaña, better known as “Benito Rivers” for his work in the comedy series ‘Neighbors’, died on October 29, 2021 from a gunshot to the head, which according to the authorities of the State of Mexico, was himself. who accidentally fired the gun after being involved in a chase with the police.

And although to date his family continues to demand that the investigations be carried out in depth to clarify the case and deny that he was the one who took his own life, images continue to emerge that have shaken his fans. Proof of this is the video that recently spread through social networks, where you can see a thin young man with white skin and blonde hair who shares a great physical resemblance to the actor.

In the recording shared by the TikTok user named Jorgeappears the young man eating in a restaurant with a woman, and shortly after in a photograph sitting while looking at his cell phone, all along with the question: “Is it or does it look like?“.

As expected, the images caused a stir and aroused all kinds of opinions, from those who reiterate that Benito died, to those skeptics who agree that the beloved actor is alive.

“I doubting and what?if he faked his death?”, “He looks a lot alike, but the nose is different”, “They should hire him in Neighbors”, “It’s him when he was alive“, “I think it is an old video but the photo makes me doubt”, “It looks similar but not so much”, “Yes it is because of the tattoos on the hand“, wrote some users.

Given the rain of questions about the date the video was recorded, the creator commented that it is recent because he met the young man on Thursday, May 5, so the publication was made a day later.

And although it has become a topic of conversation within social networks, so far no member of the Pérez Ocaña family has reacted to the publication of said material.

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