A town gives away 60 euros per child for back to school

A town gives away 60 euros per child for back
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A girl back to school in September. (Europa Press)

The back to school nor is it free from general rise in prices. Families are preparing to start the school year with the September slope in their sights. This month of July, inflation rose 2.3% compared to the same period last year, when records peaked. Prices have moderated, but life is still expensive. School supplies, textbooks and new clothes for the course mean a big expense for parents.

To alleviate this situation and help families in this second slope of the year, many town councils offer a series of aid in the form of scholarships so that the disbursement is lower. With these financial aid for the purchase of school supplies, families with school-age children can take a break.

The aid offered by different institutions, such as subsidies or scholarships to meet the amount of expenses there are, is always welcome at the beginning of a month where you have to fasten your seatbelt. In Spain, there is a town hall that destined 40,000 euros in aid economical to acquire bookstore and stationery material for the municipality's children and adolescents to return to school.

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Its about Carbajosa de la Sagrada Town Hall, in Salamanca, which offers up to 60 euros per student. . This municipality, with 7,116 inhabitants, has carried out this measure to contribute to the education of the youngest.

In order to receive this financial aid, it is necessary to comply with a series of guidelines. Firstly, the amount is intended for families who have dependent children of school age enrolled in the second cycle of Childish (from 3 to 6 years), Primary Education, Special Education and Compulsory Secondary Educationto (IT). But families with Vocational Training (FP) students may also choose to receive this subsidy.

In order to receive this aid, students must be registered in Carbajosa of the Sagrada prior to the publication of the call for aid for school supplies. Another requirement to qualify for this type of aid is not to have any outstanding debt with the town council. In the event of owing some money to the council, the family in question will not receive any type of help.

Early Childhood Education and Primary Education students will begin classes on September 7th and will end on June 21, 2024. Students who are going to take ESO and Baccalaureate will start the course on September 13.

The Christmas holidays in this community will be between December 22, 2023 and January 8, 2024. And the Easter holidays will take place between March 22 and April 3, 2024.

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