A third humanitarian aid convoy enters Gaza as Israel intensifies its bombings in the Strip

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There are 20 trucks loaded with medicines and medical supplies. According to the UN, hospitals are "on the verge of collapse" and only have electricity for the next two days. In the last few hours, at least 30 Palestinians have died after nighttime attacks by Israel.

A third humanitarian aid convoy consisting of 20 trucks entered this Monday from the Rafah crossing (Egypt) in the direction of the Gaza Strip, after passing through another border post controlled by Israel to inspect the shipment, as reported by an Egyptian security source.

The trucks transport medicines, medical supplies and baby formula, depending on the source. With today's trucks, there are already 54 that have entered since last Saturday. Before the start of the war, in August, 400 trucks passed through each day.

This new convoy has entered a day after the Israeli army recognized that shot by "error" an Egyptian military post in the border area.

The head of the Red Crescent for the governorate of North Sinai, Khalid Zayed, explained that it is planned that about 40 trucks with food, medicine and other supplies enter Gaza throughout this Monday.

Hospitals, "on the brink of collapse"

Meanwhile, Gaza's main hospital, Shifa Hospital, is "on the brink of collapse", as are other health facilities in the Strip, due to the lack of electricitymedicines, equipment and personnel, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs has warned.

In its daily report on the conflict in Gaza, the UN indicates that the hospital center currently treats about 5,000 patients, when its theoretical capacity is 700, to which must be added the 45,000 internally displaced people sheltered in the facilities. "A large number of patients are treated on the floor, as there are not enough beds," the report states.

The UN Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) has warned that There is only fuel left for the next two daysa fuel that is necessary to provide electricity to hospitals or water desalination plants.

Israel intensifies bombing

In the last few hours, according to the Gaza Ministry of Health, some 266 Palestinians have died, bringing the total number of deaths to 4,651 (1,873 boys and girls), while the injured number 14,245. Israeli, Hamas attacks have left some 1,400 dead and more than 220 kidnapped.

In fact, the Israeli Army has intensified bombing in order to proceed with the ground attack. This same night, 30 people, including several minors, died in the Yabalia refugee camp, located in the north, due to air strikes.

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