A teacher is shot to death as he leaves teaching at the School of Communication

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When he left teaching classes at the School of Communication in Chilpancingo, Rigoberto Acosta, professor at the Autonomous University of Guerrero (UAGro), was shot dead.

The teacher was a tireless manager and promoter of the Sierra de Guerrero, in the 90s he founded an organization that gained a lot of strength, the Regional Council of the Sierra de Guerrero (Cresig) that was in charge of managing productive projects for the Sierra and requesting that This was declared the 8th Region of the State.

He was also a strong promoter of the mezcal produced in the Tierra Caliente Zone, creating a mixer that bottled the liquid and was responsible for distributing it; However, due to the insecurity of the State, the factory is stopped.

Although he studied Economics, he was a strong driver of the creation of the School of Communication Sciences in Chilpancingo at the end of the 80s.

When he was leaving after teaching classes, he was attacked with bullets and his body was left thrown on the side of a white double-cab truck.

A few days ago, upon learning of the murder of Bruno Placido Valerio, Rigoberto Acosta posted a text on social networks accompanied by two photos where they are together.

"Without a doubt, the departure of Bruno Placido hurts and saddens us. He was a man of convictions, of progressive ideas, daring, reckless, and perhaps he made mistakes in some things as leader of the UPOEG. The State is negligent and responsible for atrocities such as his death. "The friends will always be remembered. God give him eternal rest. My solidarity with his family."

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