A simple orange can attract prosperity: how to do this ritual

If you are going through a difficult time where you need all the help you can get to be more abundant in your life because you have bills to pay or you want a well-deserved vacation, all you have to do is go to your kitchen for an orange.

The orange ritual has become very popular in recent monthsMany TikTok accounts explain to us how to take advantage of this fruit to attract prosperity into our lives. It is believed to be one of the most powerful for money and the secret lies in its esoteric symbolism.

What spiritual powers does the orange have?

Let's start with its color. This citrus has an intense orange color, in fact this tone owes its name to this fruit, and is associated with vitality, energy, optimism, creativity and joie de vivre.

many esoteric use the essence of orange peel diluted in water to attract wealth. It is used as a magic potion and sprayed on the body or workplaces.

Also, you can place on a fruit bowl on the dining room table as a symbol of prosperity. This small and simple ritual serves so that money is never needed at home.

If you want to attract love, use the peel of an orange, put it to dry in the sun and keep it in a bag which you should bring in your pocket as a good luck charm.

The color of orange is associated with abundance. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Orange ritual to have prosperity

This ritual is perfect if you need fast money, according to the author of this Mystic Tarot recipe, a YouTube channel with more than 1 million subscribers. In addition to the orange, you will need a white extended plate, sugar, flowery water or your perfume from the newspaper and 5 coins that have a current value, that is, they are in circulation.

It is important that the coins are previously passed through the smoke of any incense to purify them of all the energies of the people who previously touched them.

Take all the coins at the same time and spray them with the lotion, then wipe them over your body from head to toe.

The next step is to put lotion on the orange and rub it with both hands. Now with a knife cut it in the shape of a cross without reaching the bottom, that is, without separating the segments.

Generously spread sugar on the plate, then place one of the coins face up in the center and bury it with more sugar. Then put your orange in the center of the plate

Now you will have to put a coin on each side of the cross. When you finish, put the ritual in the living room of your house, kitchen or in your room, the objective is that nobody touches your orange. It should be left in that place for 3 days and removed on the fourth.

The recommendation is to do this ritual on Thursdays, ruled by Jupiter, the planet of abundance, or on Sundays, ruled by the Sun and associated with the most powerful deities.

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