A police officer shoots and kills a pregnant black woman in the United States

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New case of police abuse in the United States. A video released by the municipal police of Blendon Township, Ohio, shows an officer fatally shoot a young pregnant black woman through the windshield of the vehicle in which she was. The incident occurred last week when a grocery store employee accused the woman, Takiya Young, 21, to steal some bottles of alcohol. Both the young woman and her fetus died as a result of police intervention.

The video, captured on the shooter's body camera, begins when Young is inside a vehicle in the parking lot of a shopping center in Westerville, a suburb north of Columbus. The officer, standing next to the driver's door, repeatedly asks him to get out of the car while another police officer - the one wearing the body camera - stands in front of the car.


The video that shows the moment in which the young pregnant black woman is fatally shot by the police

Blendon Township Police

As can be seen from the images, when cornered, the victim denies having stolen anything from the store and refuses to leave the vehicle. At that moment, the agent in front of the car points the gun at the young woman and orders her to get out. But she ignores it, so when the car starts to move the agent decides to shoot. The images show how, from that moment on, The car rolls slowly and crashes into the shopping center.

In a statement, Blendon Police Chief John Belford said the shooter, whose identity has not been made public, is on administrative leave and has asked the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation to conduct an investigation. independent of what happened. Likewise, Belford justified the delay in publishing the video by the need to suppress some excerpts in accordance with state laws, as well as to allow their review by lawyers. Another piece of information that has emerged is that the victim, in addition to being expecting a baby, was the mother of two children, ages 6 and 3.

Human rights

Last year the police killed 1,201 people in the United States, of which 26% were black

Police in the US have been repeatedly accused by human rights organizations of using violence disproportionately towards the black population in the country. According to data from Mapping Police Violence, which compiles national data on police violence, in 2022 the Police killed at least 1,201 people in the United States. Of them, 26% were black despite the fact that they only represent 13% of the American population, the association explained.

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