A new injury for Messi: The Argentine will not be available in the match in which PSG could become champion of France

Messi will be low again at PSG.

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The Argentine Leo Messi will be absent for this Wednesday's duel against Angers, where Paris Saint Germain could mathematically proclaim themselves champion of the French league, suffering from an inflammation in the left Achilles heel.

“Leo Messi is still undergoing treatment for an inflammation of the left Achilles heel. A new study will be done in 48 hours ”, is collected in the medical report provided by the PSG.

The Argentine international, who is in his first season at PSG, played the ninety minutes of the classic against Marseille last Sunday, with the team from the capital winning 2-1.

With this new injury, Messi has already accumulated six casualties so far this season and the match against Angers will be the tenth game that the Argentine footballer will miss.

However, Messi is not the only casualty that PSG will have for said match, as Verratti, who suffered an injury to his left knee against Marseille, and Kimpembe will also not be available for those led by Mauricio Pochettino.

In the game against Angers, given the 15-point advantage that PSG has over Marseille, six games from the end, Messi's team to certify their league title should get a better result than the Marseille team in their duel against Nantes .

The bad news does not end for Messi who will say goodbye to his compatriots

Everything seems to indicate that Messi will stay alone at PSG for the next campaign since the Argentines Di María, Paredes and Icardi could leave the club for the next campaign and that is that, according to the newspaper L'Equipe, the Parisian team plans a cleaning roster depth for the following season.

In the case of Di María, the winger has only played five games so far this season, and since Neymar's return from injury he has lost much more prominence, so PSG will seek to give him a release this season.

Icardi is another of the footballers who has been fading away, in addition to the fact that his campaign has been disappointing and plagued by extra-football scandals such as those he experienced with the alleged infidelity to Wanda Nara.

Finally, Paredes, despite the fact that he has had a greater participation with Pochettino, is another one who has not convinced the board and with the World Cup just around the corner, the Argentine could look for a new team to add many minutes and reach the top football competition.

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