A mosaic with the motto 'Let's Make It Legendary' opens a classic to the rhythm of the Rolling Stones

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Barcelona, ​​Oct 28 (EFE).- A large mosaic with the motto 'Let's Make It Legendary' welcomed the fans who this Saturday went to the Lluís Companys Olympic Stadium to see a classic to the rhythm of the Rolling Stones. Stones and activities that animated one of the most important dates in the culé calendar.

After much uncertainty, the singer and icon of the Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger, 80, and the band's guitarist, Ronnie Wood, finally attended the stage on the occasion of the launch of their new album 'Hackney Diamonds' and their tour in 2024 after 18 years without offering new songs.

That is why, beyond the motto and the blue or scarlet cardboard, the attendees of the Olympic Stadium displayed enormous lips and tongue that represent the logo of one of the most legendary bands in the history of rock.

Days before the first official classic of the season, the Catalan club already warned that the motto would be "surprise" and that the action would be "legendary", so it recommended that its followers arrive with enough time to be able to make the mosaic at the perfection and immortalize this moment to remember.

Moments before the duel, where the agreement to wear the Rolling Stones logo on the Barça jacket was celebrated, the stadium was filled with the spirit of the legendary British rock band with songs like 'Start Me Up' by DJ Pol Corredoira.

Songs included in the 'Barça Matchday El Clásico' playlist, created by Spotify, which includes other groups such as Queen, AC/DC or U2, were also played.

Beyond this musical delight, in which many of those present recalled some of their best youth memories, Barça prepared different activities designed to liven up the halftime, such as a 'kiss cam', to have the perfect excuse to kiss the companion, and a 'dance cam', ideal for bringing out the best dance moves.

This Saturday the footballers who made up the starting eleven were announced and who, therefore, will stamp their signatures on the 22 exclusive t-shirts for the 'The Rolling Stones Signed Limited Edition' edition of the 'Barça x Rolling Stones Capsule' collection.

This marketing agreement, which came through sponsorship with Spotify, was a success as all the exclusive units sold out before the match, where some of the buyers could be seen proudly wearing these unique pieces that unite their passion for Barça. and the Rolling Stones.

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