A mathematics teacher seemed exhausted from her work: “I left the institute psychologically defeated”

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The teacher questioned whether teaching was really the job she had dreamed of as a child (@laurimathteacher)

Challenges often appear in life that test emotional strength. For some, overcoming these obstacles can become an inspiring achievement. In an emotional testimony, Laura, a passionate math teacher from Spain, shared his experience in a TikTok video, where expressed his pain and frustration after an exhausting school day. With a phrase that sums up her regret, she said: “I left the institute psychologically defeated.”

The teacher She questioned whether teaching was really the job she had dreamed of as a child., reflecting on the ups and downs he faces at his educational center. Laura described her job as a rollercoaster of emotions, where some days she feels overjoyed, while on others, she finds herself deeply discouraged and wondering, “What is happening?”

He detailed the challenges he encounters when teaching, first pointing out the overwhelming number of students in their classroomswhich hinders their ability to reach each of them effectively. Furthermore, he highlighted the diversity of his students' needs, from curricular adaptation to motor needs and disruptive behaviors, which make the task even more challenging.

“When we do not have the means to attend to that diversity, class becomes torture. You cannot imagine the helplessness and anger that is felt when you want to reach all those students and you feel that you are not giving a quality education to anyone," lament.

Emotional exhaustion, depression and anxiety are inevitable consequences of this situation, Laura explained. “That's what happened to me today, I was faced with a course in which it was impossible for me to teach,” she said sadly.

He also advocated for additional investments in education and need to have support staff in the classroom to help students with special needs. “It's not that they hinder me, it's that I can't give them the attention they need and that frustrates me,” she confessed.

“That's what happened to me today, I was faced with a class in which it was impossible for me to teach.”"he said (Illustrative image - Getty)
"That's what happened to me today, I was faced with a class in which it was impossible for me to teach," he said (Illustrative image - Getty)

Laura's testimony reached a massive audience on TikTok, with more than 1.2 million views and 130,000 likes, in addition to thousands of supportive comments from users who recognize the difficulties that educators face in the present.

“Social educators in educational centers, please”, “To that you add the learning situations and all the absurd bureaucracy that they ask of us that is useless, the families that do not get involved, etc.”, “And that is why they would be occupational therapists in schools are super necessary”, “Absolutely right. Nothing is invested in education when it is the basis of absolutely everything.” “The reality that we teachers suffer and that no one sees (or wants to see),” were some of the comments on the publication.

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