A man got angry on a golf course and made a decision that caused laughter on the networks

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The man, in an act of determination, decided that he would not move from the place despite the request of the other players (@kennethdavis8680)

In the area of Golf, values ​​such as respect, fun, improvement, camaraderie and honesty are promoted. However, a recent viral scene on social networks showed that these attributes are not always present on the playing field. This peculiar incident left everyone amazed and laughing out loud.

The protagonist of this story is a man, whose name has not yet been revealed, but his actions left an indelible mark on the Crooked Creek golf course, in Michigan, United States. It all started when this man was in front of two golf carts in full play, with a golf ball in his hand.

Apparently, everything broke out due to a heated argument with a woman, related to the ownership of a golf ball. Witnesses claim that The ball in dispute belonged to the woman, but the man refused to return it to her.and the discussion quickly escalated to an unexpected level.

The man, in an act of determination, decided that he would not move from the place despite the pleas and arguments of the people who occupied the two carts that surrounded him. But the most surprising thing was yet to come. cAs an intimidating gesture, the man took off his shirt and began to flex his muscles, shouting at the top of his lungs: “This is a man who has been to heaven! So if you want to test God, come get him!”.

One of the witnesses to the scene, a TikTok user, shared his experience in the comments of the viral video: “One of the girls hit her ball near him and we moved closer so he could hit it again. So He grabbed the ball and said 'oh no you won't! This is my ball now, bitch!'. But it was a special ball for her, so she wanted it back.”

A heated argument with a woman would have unleashed his anger (Video capture)
A heated argument with a woman would have unleashed his anger (Video capture)

The video captured the attention of thousands of people on social networks, accumulating more than 440 thousand views in less than 24 hours, in addition to nearly 30 thousand “likes” and 4,000 comments. The man's unexpected attitude left everyone perplexed and, at the same time, caused laughter among those who witnessed it in person and through the screens.

“Holy shit that escalated hahaha”, “Cinematic excellence”, “That was amazing”, “Please more context. This is great”, “I've been to heaven, it's wild”, “You guys got scared really fast hahaha”, “And you guys… just walked away”, “Men like that are so damn fragile”, “Who the fuck wakes up so early trying to fight hahaha?”, “Well, everyone felt intimidated hahaha”, “'Oh, here we go' is my favorite part”, were some of the comments on the post.

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