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Several people were shot dead this Thursday in the Dutch city of Rotterdam, according to the first indications of the police, in the course of two shootings. One of the incidents occurred at the Erasmus University Hospital in the port city. The other, in a nearby house. Officers believe the two cases may be related and have arrested a 32-year-old man. Shortly after the assault, law enforcement indicated that there was a suspect whom they described as “a male with long black hair who may have escaped on a motorcycle.” He was wearing combat clothing. Shortly after, the police entered the medical center to make sure the subject was not inside.

In the midst of the commotion, hospital staff and patients have been evacuated, at least in part, according to the Dutch news agency ANP. The occupants have come out in groups, some with their hands raised. Others have started running once in the street. Police consider the detainee suspected of being involved in both shootings. In addition to the shots, there has been a fire in the hospital whose responsibility is attributed to the same arrested man.

The special police forces immediately went to the hospital and saw that he had escaped through the back of the building. They intercepted him there. The medical center has appealed to citizens not to approach the scene of the incident. Another fire has been put out in the building where shots have also been fired. The mayor of Rotterdam, the social democrat Ahmed Aboutaleb, will hold a press conference on Thursday afternoon to explain the events.

The police have asked eyewitnesses of what happened to upload the images they may have captured with their mobile phones to the official website of the force. “We need your help in the investigation,” they stated.

Image of the building where the first shooting occurred in the Rotterdam attack (Netherlands).Marco van der Caaij (EFE)

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