A lie and a “soft blow” to the Constitution 2023/10/20

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There is a concerted action between a State power and another subordinate power to affect democracy, disabling the functions of a third party, the Judicial Branch of the Federation. We are not going to extremes, but rather we describe: it is a “soft coup”, whose thesis points to the strengthening of an authoritarian regime, supported by the militia, to the detriment of the Constitution and the human rights of Mexicans, especially the most poor.

The federal Executive and its parliamentary majority, we know today, could decide to take over the money from the Afores. It was remote, not today, and it must keep nationals and foreigners awake at night.

To take over the resources of the PJF it was enough to invent the most populist narrative: it would serve to provide scholarships for “poor children”, because it was used for the excesses of the ministers, which, it has been proven, is false.

If the attempt succeeds, those children will not see a cent, just as we have not seen the benefits of the Armed Forces trusts, but there is a risk that this money ends up in political campaigns. The opacity of the ruling party – for something the Inai wanted to disappear – raises suspicion. Speeches are not enough.

Let's contrast. If there was a will, then the Armed Forces would make public, as the PJF has done for more than 15 years, the amounts of the trusts in the country itself. Official Journal of the Federationas required.

But it doesn't happen like that. The Executive reserves, for reasons of “national security”, its trusts, which accumulate many more resources. According to reporter Juan Ortiz, as of June 30, in just 178 trusts it accumulates around 557 billion pesos. “Of that amount, 17% is in two military trusts (99 billion pesos).”

The legitimate action is in doubt. They act in revenge against the PJF. Double discourse has been the distinction of this six-year period.

Another example. Senator Germán Martínez made public in the Upper House that the former president of its Board of Directors, the Morenista and candidate for the governorship of Puebla, Alejandro Armenta, earned 927 thousand pesos monthly, which is not earned by any PJF worker, not even a minister

The breakdown so that Puebla children can aim well. Germán Martínez says: diet (salary), 120 thousand pesos; support from advisors, 130 thousand; subsidy from the parliamentary group (Morena), 206 thousand; variable subsidy in kind, 132 thousand; advisors, 200 thousand, and expenses inherent to the position, 140 thousand pesos.

The current question is where the privileges are, since it is right in that golden bureaucracy of the ruling party. The data is there.

Another member of that party in the same position spent a “whopping” monthly amount, citing the same head of the Executive, of one million 227 thousand 365 pesos on the payment of his staff: private secretary, technicians and office head, as well as 23 advisors. .

And to close the topic of the story of the “poor poor children.” We must tell them that their parents are in debt thanks to the Morena government and each of them will have to pay 126,818 pesos in 2024, according to the Center for Economic and Budgetary Research (CIEP).

The reason, the largest debt contracting in recent times: internal debt of nearly one trillion 950 billion pesos and net external debt of 18 billion dollars. Let's get back to the topic.

It is so clear that two branches of the Mexican State seek to violate democracy and generate conditions for a “soft coup” by weakening the Judiciary, that more international organizations are speaking out against it.

A ruling is expected shortly from the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and the UN regarding the violation of the independence of the PJF.

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