A historic Griezmann knocks down Villarreal and reengages Atlético in the battle for LaLiga

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Griezmann during the celebration of his goal against Villarreal (REUTERS).
Griezmann during the celebration of his goal against Villarreal (REUTERS).

The Villarreal submarine died on the shore. It was sunk by cannon shots Griezmann, assistant in Witsel's goal that pointed the way and scorer in the second that certified the comeback of the colchoneros after Gerard Moreno's initial goal. Samu Lino closed the game after completing Pablo Barrios' lateral cross. Simeone's men achieved their fifteenth consecutive victory at home, a record for the Madrid entity, bringing out their champion gene to come back from a match that was very difficult for them.

It was not Griezmann's best game, but without being it, he distributed an assist and added one more goal to his scoring tally with Atlético. He is already up to 169, tied with Escudero as the second highest scorer in the club's history, ahead of him, he only has Luis Aragonés and his 173 goals. The victories of Real Madrid and Barça at the buzzer left them no margin for error. Atlético moved on the wire when the French appeared. Koke pulled square and bevel to enable Llorente's attack, which put him first so that Antoine could come from behind and certify another victory at home.

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The submarine was presented at the Metropolitano without a captain in command. Pacheta's dismissal forced Tena, sports director, to lead his team. He did it in the purest style of who will take the reins in the coming days: Marcelino. The legendary 4-4-2 of the former Marseille coach already shines on the pitch. Simeone was looking for his fifteenth consecutive victory and to establish the entity's record. Opposite, his kryptonite. The team that had not knelt in its last three visits to the mattress fiefdom.

The fourth followed the same script. They brought the lines together in the center of the field and attracted pressure from Atlético to come out playing with the first touch. Tena's team started the play with the goalkeeper. Rulli had already done what Jorgensen did in other seasons. He maintained possession until a red-and-white player approached. Otherwise, the ball would not move from the yellow area. And Atlético, as on previous occasions, He tripped over the same stone. Sorloth shot, Oblak stopped without blocking and the rebound went to the boot of Gerard who kicked with his left foot before Hermoso, Giménez and Witsel who defended nothing with their eyes while Moreno took everything.

The red and white fans witnessed it, it seemed more like the third half of last year's game than the first half of a new game. For your benefit, Sorloth was injured in a race and Tena, in the change, shot herself in the foot. He introduced Terrats and not a striker, forcing Gerard to play with his back to him, without a reference in front of him. Five minutes later, his team paid for it in a red-and-white laboratory play. This time it was not Saúl, but Griezmann who doubled Riquelme and made the center tense. Morata missed the shot, but Witsel made it a success at the far post and made up for his passivity in the goal conceded.

Simeone left Saúl in the shower and brought in Llorente to suffocate Villarreal center by center. They were all looking for the same head, Morata's. However, the erratic striker did not have his night. The Argentine coach saw that it was not enough and continued shaking the shaker until he introduced Neighborhoods and Linen and find the recipe to sink the submarine. The first assisted the second to certify the victory after Griezmann's goal. The red and white team reacted with the champion gene and are two points behind Barça and four behind Real Madrid, although with one game less. Match by match, the chase continues.

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