A former Córdoba prosecutor who threatened to kill his ex-wife was sentenced to eight months in suspended prison.

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A former Córdoba prosecutor was sentenced to eight months in suspended prison for admitting to having threatened to kill his ex-wife

The former investigative prosecutor of the Cordoba city of Villa Carlos Paz, Gustavo Adolfo Marchetti, was sentenced this Monday to eight months in suspended prison.and to carry out psychological treatment and training on gender violence for three years, lAfter admitting, in a summary trial, that he had threatened to kill his ex-wife.

Marchetti, retired from his position since September 2021, was denounced by his ex-wife in 2017 when he was in the process of divorce and, after an investigation process, the Cosquín prosecutor, Martín Bértone He had charged him with a simple crime and brought the case to trial.

And by agreement between the parties to the process, a “Abbreviated trial” which took place yesterday and was in charge of the 6th Chamber of the Crime of CórdobaMarchetti admitted the accusation and was subsequently sentenced to eight months in suspended prison.

According to what is known about the case, the threats occurred when the divorce process had begun, due to disagreement over the division of assets.

It is noteworthy that the lawyer Alejandro Pérez Morenolegal representative of the complainant, told a local channel that Marchetti had told his then wife for the third time that “you are going to end up like Nora Dalmasso,” in reference to the woman murdered on November 25, 2006 in the Cordoba city of Río Cuarto, whose death has not been clarified to date.

“I'm going to dismember you, I'm going to cut you into pieces with a chainsaw and I'm going to burn you in the clay oven of the house,” said the lawyer, which were other of the threatening expressions of the now convicted former prosecutor.

Finally, and as reported TelamMarchetti “acknowledged his guilt and what is relevant and worrying about the case is that it took six years for the sentence to be issued,” maintaining that since the complaint was made “he continued to fulfill his duties for several more years and work with sensitive issues such as violence gender and family” in Villa Carlos Paz, Pérez Moreno concluded.

This Monday an “abbreviated trial” was held by the 6th Chamber. of the Crime of Córdoba (Télam)
This Monday an “abbreviated trial” was held by the 6th Chamber. of the Crime of Córdoba (Télam)

And in another case related to a judicial official, The Federal Oral Criminal Court of Tucumán sentenced Jorge Edmundo Mistretta, former chief of staff of the Electoral Secretariat of the Federal Court No. 1 of Tucumán, to four years in prison for sexual abuse against two employees who were under his supervision.. The incidents occurred in 2013 and 2015, in a work environment described by prosecutors as “sexist” and “misogynistic.”

Mistretta received the verdict while he was bedridden and despite his defense's request to be acquitted due to lack of evidence, the court ordered his immediate arrest, establishing house arrest due to his state of health.

In addition to the sentence, the defendant was ordered to compensate the victims. Likewise, the court also recommended that the Federal Chamber of Tucumán place a plaque on the building that emphasized that “a violent work environment affects the administration of justice, not violence and harassment.”

The ruling was issued by the jJudges María Noel Costa, Carlos Enrique Jiménez Montilla and Enrique Lilljedhal. The prosecution was carried out by the prosecutors Pablo Camuña and Lucía Doz Costawhile the defense was represented by Enzo Ernesto Nieva (who was not present during the argument due to health problems) and Gloria Hanssen.

The process included testimonies from approximately twenty witnesses, most of them employees and officials of the Nation's Judicial Branch.

According to the version presented, at the end of his workday, Mistretta took MLB, an employee hired in the same office, home. According to the accusation, at that time, he touched the employee's breasts and made inappropriate comments to her. The young woman rejected her advances and got out of the car, later telling Estela Martínez Vázquez, pro-electoral secretary, about the incident. It was this incident that sparked the investigation.

The victim, ACC, described situations of sexual abuse and authority by Mistretta. She discussed his inappropriate comments and inappropriate touching, and explained that she did not report the incidents for fear of losing his job, since she has three children to support.

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