A criminal assaults and shoots the president of Banco Santander

A criminal assaults and shoots the president of Banco Santander Peru to steal his watch

The security cameras detected this Friday the robbery perpetrated by two criminals against the president of Banco Santander, in the district of San Isidro in the city of Lima. This is Gonzalo Echandía Bustamante (62), who was walking quietly when he was violently assaulted to take his watch from him.

César Gonzalo Jesús Echeandia Bustamante (62) is Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Country Head of Grupo Santander Perú and CEO of Banco Santander Perú and his life, after the incident, is out of danger.

President of Banco Santander in Peru Gonzalo Echandía Bustamante

Third parties

assault with violence

The events took place on 6th street, Alfredo Salazar avenue in the San Isidro district, where the banker was walking. In the video captured by a security camera, one of the thieves is seen trying to steal the watch from Echeandia, who resists, and then the attacker pulls out his weapon and shoots him.

After the shot, the offender did not stop and continued with the assault, managing to take his belongings to later flee at full speed with his buddy, in the presence of the residents of the area, who immediately called the police.

According to what is known, the renowned executive Gonzalo Echandía had to be transferred to an emergency clinic in the area, due to the amount of blood he was losing from the shot.

The police report indicates that the president of Banco Santander has an exposed fracture in his right foot due to the shot and, for the moment, there is no fear for his life.

open investigation

“It has been a crime against property, a robbery aggravated with violence and the amount of which has yet to be determined,” reported the Peruvian police prefecture. “At the moment the person is stable, being treated at the Anglo Americana clinic,” they detailed. the same sources, who also assured that an investigation has been opened and the “results will be in the next few days.”