A conspirator named Creel 2023/10/14

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It no longer surprises anyone that the President accuses anyone who gets in his way of being a thief. This is the case of ministers, magistrates and judges, whom you cannot see even in painting because they are insubordinate.

A conspiracy has already been invented between the conservative bloc and the ministers of the Court to defeat the intention to expropriate 15 billion pesos, gathered in 13 trusts of the Judicial Branch. “They are thinking, in alliance with the deputy Creel and with a block of conservative legislators, file an appeal for unconstitutionality if their trusts are suspended,” he said yesterday morning.

We look for Santiago Creel to ask him if he was going to reply. "No Pancho. The field is now Xochitl. What yes, it gave me a good idea: challenge the budget.”

The unconstitutionality action planned against the extinction of the aforementioned trusts cannot be considered as a conspiracy of the conservative bloc. It is a legal way to avoid arbitrariness, such as the one that is emerging against the Judiciary, with the complicity of the official legislators. The justification of AMLO is to put an end to “privileges” and “offensive” salaries of senior officials in the Judiciary. Of course he denies that the termination of the trusts affects the workers. They don't believe him anymore. The Union of Judicial Branch Workers of the Federation announces a series of mobilizations, which could go as far as a national strike, "given the possibility of seeing our salaries and benefits affected."

In a statement they announce that they are going to demonstrate in front of the Chamber of Deputies on October 24; that they are going to hang banners in the buildings of the Judiciary and are also going to demonstrate in front of the Court and the Judicial Council.

The snake's egg, then.

* The succession process of the UNAM rector goes smoothly, Enrique Graue Wiechers. The 15 members of the Governing Board have stayed away from “chiefdoms” and, until yesterday, there were no indications that the government of AMLO intends to get involved in this process to assume control of the university. Of the 17 applicants registered until last Thursday, the ten that the UNAM Governing Board considered to have the most solid careers made the cut. Maybe one with a political component.

It is striking that, unlike other processes, six of the ten are UNAM officials. Two more are faculty directors and there is a researcher. The list includes three women and seven men.

The ten, in alphabetical order, are: Laura Susana Acostadirector of the National School of Higher Studies (ENES) León Unit; Sergio Alcocerinvestigator; Luis Alvarez Icazaadministrative secretary; Raul Contrerasdirector of the Faculty of Law; Patricia DavilaSecretary of Institutional Development; German Fajardodirector of the Faculty of Medicine; William Leecoordinator of Scientific Research; Leonardo Lomelisecretary general of UNAM; Imanol Ordorikageneral director of Institutional Evaluation and Guadalupe Valencia, researcher at the CEIICH of the UNAM. All with a doctorate degree.

Sources close to the process tell us that the rector is leaning towards Lomeli and by William Lee. “They are like letter A and letter B,” they illustrate. They add that there is a letter C that he does not dislike, but he is not dying for it either: Patricia Davila, Secretary of Institutional Development. Another fact: 14 of the 15 members of the Governing Board that will elect the new rector - no later than the next one on November 17 - arrived during the period of Graue. The sources make it clear to us, however, that the vast majority “are very independent.”

Of the finalists, the only one who openly associates himself with the Fourth Transformation is Imanol Ordorika. Although AMLO He says that the UNAM “has gone right,” until yesterday there was no trace of government intervention.

The Governing Board held face-to-face auscultation meetings in which 1,266 groups from different academic entities were received, according to the UNAM Gazette. The objective was to know their opinions about the candidates for the Rectorate, their work programs and their vision about the present and future of the University.

* The National Civic Front, a civil organization that is assumed to be “the fourth column” of the Broad Progressive Front –PAN-PRI-PRD– celebrates today its 2nd National Congress, with the presence of Xochitl Galvez.

In its invitation to the event, the Civic Front, which heads Guadalupe Acosta Naranjosays: “Our objective is to form a great citizen movement whose purpose is to promote a coalition government, the democratization of Mexico and the defense of its republican structures.”

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