A box in the Azteca Stadium and a property in Cancun, the prizes that the National Lottery will raffle on September 15

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With the celebration of the Great Special Draw No. 278 (GSE 278) that will take place next Friday, September 15 at 5:00 p.m., the National lottery offers the opportunity to win prizes in kind and cash when purchasing a 500-peso small piece, where participants will be able to take a box in the Azteca Stadium or Villas Chakté, a property in Cancun, Quintana Roo.

The GSE 278 has an issue of three million tickets, whose numbering is consecutive from 0,000,000 to 2,999,999, that is, each ticket has a unique number, so when you buy a piece you are participating to win a full prize in kind or cash .

With the prize in kind of Box B-03 at the Azteca Stadium, worth 25 million 085 thousand 440 pesos, located on the lower level, with twenty seats and four parking spaces, a The perfect place to enjoy the most anticipated sporting events in Mexico City.

And that's not all, the GSE 278 also offers as a prize in kind the Chakté Villas, with an area of ​​6,792.88 m2, located in the Comprehensively Planned Center (CIP) of Cancún, Quintana Roo, this prize has a value of 236 million 043 thousand 570 pesos and it is a guaranteed Prize, which means that it will be raffled until a winner is obtained.

It is worth mentioning that each property has a percentage of its cash value considered, destined for notarial procedures, administrative expenses and taxes.

The 345 cash prizes are:

· 5 prizes of 15 million pesos

· 5 prizes of 10 million pesos

· 5 prizes of 5 million pesos

· 5 prizes of 2 million 500 thousand pesos

· 5 prizes of 1 million 500 thousand pesos

· 10 prizes of 1 million pesos

· 10 prizes of 500 thousand pesos

· 100 prizes of 100 thousand pesos

· 200 prizes of 50 thousand pesos (by approximation)

The Great Special Draw 278 has 299 thousand 999 refunds and has 616 million 128 thousand 510 pesos in prizes in kind and cash.

To participate, you can request your lucky number with the institution's sales force, which has more than eight thousand points of sale throughout the national territory, including wallets, wallets, outlets, sales organizations, agents and sales channels. alternates and at alegrialoteria.com.

Remember that the more pieces you buy, the more likely you will be to win a prize. Above all, you should know that you are supporting the country, since the resources generated will continue to be directed to the social programs of the Government of Mexico.

For more information on prizes in kind and cash, you can consult: loterianacional.gob.mx.

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