A bomb cyclone will bring low temperatures and strong winds all weekend

The “bomb cyclone” will bring heavy snow and winds from the center to the eastern US.

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A powerful winter storm forming in the central part of the country will quickly become a bomb cyclone as you move east, bringing damaging winds, heavy rain and even snow from Louisiana to Maine, according to CNN.

A bomb cyclone occurs when the pressure of a mid-latitude cyclone decreases by 24 millibars in less than 24 hours., according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). These strong systems create many hazards, but the most notable may be extreme winds.

A combination of extremely high winds and snowfall promises to wreak havoc in the Northeast as the bomb cyclone reaches hurricane strength off the Atlantic coast.

The National Weather Service (NWS) forecast temperatures to be well below normal across the US. from Wednesday to Saturday. With early greening in some places, this sudden cold snap could have a significant agricultural impact.

This storm will start with a powerful blast of cold air from southern Canada into the plains and Rocky Mountains. This cold blast could set multiple daily record lows across parts of the western and plains United States, according to weather.com.

“All guidance models have surface waves (the storm) rapidly intensifying as it moves somewhere between the I-95 corridor to Cape Cod, then along or just off the coast of Maine at a minimum of less than 970 mb,” said the National Weather Service in Boston.

A minimum of 970 millibars (mb) It would be equivalent to a category 2 hurricane.

snow forecast

Heavy snow is forecast for parts of the Central and Southern Rocky Mountains and the Central Plains on Wednesday. Snow will cover the Rocky Mountains and parts of the Plains and the Midwest through Thursday.

The National Weather Service has issued winter weather watches for many of these areas, including a winter storm warning for the Kansas City metropolitan area and a winter weather advisory for Denver. A fairly wide area from the Rockies to Kansas could accumulate at least 6 inches of snow through Thursday.

As cooler air enters the storm Friday night, rain can turn to snow in parts of the Ohio and Tennessee valleys to northern Mississippi, northern Alabama, and northern Georgia.

The heaviest snow from this storm is expected in the interior Northeast this weekend, from central Appalachia to northern Pennsylvania, central and upstate New York, and New England, where 6 inches of snow is possible.

Strong winds

There will possibly be strong winds Saturday through early Sunday in parts of the east, possibly as far south as the coastal Carolinas, extending into New England.

This threat is greatest along the immediate coastline of the front on Saturday, as well as over higher ground in the Northeast. At least some fallen tree limbs and power outages are possible in these areas.

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