A baseball player from the Charros de Jalisco was chosen among the best team in the 2022 Caribbean Series

Félix Pérez of Mexico's Charros de Jalisco was selected to the 2022 Caribbean Series All-Star Team that was revealed this Wednesday, and that he led the Dominican Cibao Giants with six players.

The Cuban left fielder had five hits, a double, a triple and a home run with an RBI in 16 at-bats in the qualifying round of the Caribbean Series. Pérez is a renowned outfielder in the winter leagues who has played in Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela.

All-Star Team of the 2022 Caribbean Series is made up of:

Christian Bethancourt (Panama) at catcher; Reynaldo Rodríguez (Colombia) at first base; Robinson Cano (Dominican) at third base; Niuman Romero (Venezuela) andn third base and Hanser Alberto (Dominican) at shortstop, forming the infield.

While Danry Vásquez (Venezuela), José Siri (Dominican) and Felix Perez (Mexico), They were selected to cover right, center and left field respectivelywhile Juan Francisco (Dominican), occupies the position of designated hitter.

Southpaw Tyler Alexander (Dominican) he was chosen as the starting pitcher and his teammate Luis Felipe Castillo (Dominican) as the relief pitcher.
While José Armando Mosquera (Colombia), was chosen as the manager, to command this 2022 Caribbean Series All-Star Team which will end this Thursday in Santo Domingo.

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