72% reacted positively to Biden’s State of the Union address: CNN

Yesterday, Tuesday, February 7, the President of the United States, Joe Biden, gave his state of the union address of 2023. In his speech, he tried to reconcile the differences and conflict between Republicans and Democrats. Joe Biden mentioned: “Fighting to fight, conflict for conflict’s sake, gets us nowhere.”

According to Reutershe public approval rating The president’s vote was 41% in a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll on Sunday, near the lowest level of his presidency, a potential hurdle to any re-election bid.

The unpopularity of President Biden has proven persistent, with the lowest approval rating being 36% in May and June 2022, but holding close to 40% for most of last year.

While NBCNews He indicated that according to his polls, the approval rating before the US President’s State of the Union address ranges between 44% and 45%. According to the outlet, the president had 39% approval in May and a maximum of 53% in April 2021.

According to one flash survey Realized by CNN On the approval of Biden’s speech, the results indicate that 72% of people who saw President Biden’s speech had a positive reaction.

Source: CNN Polling

38% had a “very positive” reaction, 34% a “somewhat positive” reaction, while 29% had a somewhat negative to negative reaction.

According to CNN, it is not unusual for presidents to get good reactions to their speeches in front of Congress. Former President Donald Trump, obtained in his third speech in front of Congress a 76% positive reaction in the same poll.

However, of the 72% of the positive reaction to Joe Biden’s speech, only 21% belong to Americans under the age of 45, while it was 52% of people over the age of 65.

Yes ok, CNN reports that the State of the Union addresses “do not have a lasting impact on the approval of presidents”, an increase of almost 19% was observed in the number of people who saw the speech who thought that the policies of the Biden government are leading the country on the right track.

According to Reutersafter the speech, the US president addressed two crucial states for his foreseeable candidacy for the re-election in 2024.

Biden’s travels this week will focus on a handful of competitive states that his political advisers say will determine whether he can win a second four-year term.

Biden travels first Wednesday to DeForest, in Wisconsina state that went from supporting former Republican President Donald Trump in 2016 to favoring Biden in 2020.

Source: Reuters

There, Biden is expected to laud the economic progress he touted in his State of the Union address on the strength of the American job market. Democrats hope Biden can turn the economy – a perceived weakness among some independent voters – into a campaign argument.

With information from EFE and Reuters