64 families receive deeds in Álvaro Obregón

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Sixty-four families of the 8 de Agosto and San Pedro de los Pinos colonies, from the Álvaro Obregón mayor's office, received their deeds from the head of government, Martí Batres, who expressed that after 40 years of efforts, today they have certainty legal on his assets.

"This has enormous force, this is security, legal security, peace of mind. When a humble family receives their writings, the soul rests and knows that it can leave something to the children, to the new generations, that is why this is so important, because it is not just any good, but it is a lasting good, it is forever. and it now allows each family to have their little place in the city," said Batres when handing over the deeds.

And he explained that this delivery adds up to a thousand 300 writings that have been awarded this year. He also announced that the goal is to deliver another 1,800 deeds in the coming months.

"Why are we in government? We are in government to help people, especially to the most humble people, who historically are the ones that rulers look least at. We say: 'We have to support those at the bottom and this will benefit everyone, even those at the top,'” he said.

And he considered that promise has been fulfilled because “in the city, there are a million 200 thousand older adults who have the pension provided by Mr. López Obrador's government, and there are a million 200 thousand girls and boys who have the scholarship that is given in schools. And people, with that resource, improve their consumption, go to stores, especially small, retail stores, and that makes the economy work," he commented.

The Legal Counsel of Mexico City, Nestor Vargas Solano, explained that the homes located in these settlements burned down in 1997. Since then, neighbors began the procedures for the regularization of the property and today they finally received their scriptures.


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