6.8 magnitude earthquake reported on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua | News


An earthquake of 6.8 degrees of magnitude was recorded this Thursday in Nicaragua located approximately 70 kilometers in front of the town of Pochomil, on the Pacific coast of this nation of the Central American nation.


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Vice President Rosario Murillo offered a telephone communication to local media and explained that the tremor was located at a depth of 10 kilometers and was perceptible throughout the country.

“A very strong earthquake, 6.8 says the international pages, 10 deep and 70 kilometers from the coast of Pochomil. There is no other report, there is a tsunami alert, but it is not considered that this type of event will occur,” he asserted. .

Likewise, the senior government official explained that they are monitoring to be sure of where she felt and if any mishap occurred, while adding that they had no information on aftershocks.

“Any information we receive we will transmit immediately. As always, the most important thing is to take care of ourselves, take care of our families, clear the entrances and exits, put ourselves in a safe place and be aware of the information,” Murillo said.

In her communication, the vice president called on the Nicaraguan people to calm down as the best way to face these moments that can become desperate.

The tremor was felt in the neighboring country of El Salvador.

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