59 deaths reported in Nigeria from Lassa fever outbreak | News


Health authorities from the Nigerian Center for Disease Control (CNCE) reported Wednesday that at least 59 people have died as a result of Lassa fever.


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The CNCE details that this disease has infected 358 people so far this year, despite the protocols established by the Government in order to contain infectious levels.

To which must be added that 65 of the 774 local governments that exist in the African nation have been affected by this variant of hemorrhagic fever since the beginning of the year, with 19 states also reporting infections.

The ones with the highest infectious focus are those of Ondo, with 32 percent of reported infections, Endo with 23, and Bauchi with 18 percentage points; to which is added the age group of 21 to 30 years as the one with the greatest registered contagious affectation.

This situation has determined in the period in question a mortality rate of 16.5 percent, detailed the institution in a report; while acknowledging that said index was lower than the 22.9 percentage points of the period itself in 2021.

This pathology known as Lassa fever is generally transmitted through contact of the food or water of human beings with the saliva, urine and excrement of multimammalian rats; Transmission between people is rare, although it could occur if you come into contact with any body fluid from a sick patient.

In addition, they detail from the health institution that the symptomatology of this condition is similar to that of malaria, with its appearance between one and three weeks after exposure to the virus; causing fever, fatigue, weakness and headache in patients with mild pathology.

Given the existing epidemiological situation, the CNCE revealed that it is taking actions to stop the Lassa fever outbreak, including the distribution of medical response products to the states and treatment centers.

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