56% think that Biden has not been firm enough with Russia


As Russia escalates its war in Ukraine and stories of civilian casualties and city destruction reach the United States, support for a major role for Washington in the conflict is growing, as is fear of Russia’s threat to the country. .

According to a new poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, a majority of Americans say they are willing to accept hurting the economy if it helps stop Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion. Forty percent say the United States should play a “major role,” compared with 26% in an AP-NORC poll just before the invasion.

46% say the United States should play a “minor role.” The percentage of those who think the United States should not be involved at all fell from 20 to 13.

The poll indicates that many Americans want President Joe Biden to do more to counter Russia without suggesting that he violate his promise not to send troops to Ukraine.

The United States has sent troops to neighboring NATO member countries. Furthermore, Western powers have imposed sanctions that have crushed the Russian economy. They send anti-tank and anti-missile weapons to Ukraine, which has mounted a strong resistance, killed thousands of Russian soldiers and so far prevented the capture of kyiv and other major cities. But the White House has withheld certain weapons and intelligence to avoid direct conflict between the two powers with the world’s largest nuclear arsenals.

56% of Americans think that Biden has not been firm enough with Russia, while 36% say that his handling of the situation has been “fairly correct”.

Speaking after the earlier AP-NORC poll, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said there may be differing interpretations of what constitutes a “major” or “minor” role in the conflict. “We make our national security decisions based on what’s best for the country, not what the latest polls say,” she said.

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