56 Colo Colo fans arrested after riots against Boca Juniors | Video

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A total of 56 Colo Colo fans were arrested by the Buenos Aires police in the vicinity of the candy boxwhere they were registered incidents about the game in which the Argentine Boca Juniors beat the Chileans in the Libertadores CupPolice sources reported this Wednesday.

The detainees were seized two iron rods, three wooden sticks and four pieces of masonryaccording to police sources.

During the incidents on Tuesday night, six Chilean fans were injuredof which five have already been discharged, and one police officer motorist was injured when he fell from his motorcycle.

During the security operation, more than 269 ​​records for infractionsthe majority (232) for, among other situations, trying to enter the stadium without a ticket or invitation and 16 for violation of the right of admission, but also for ticket resale, for introduce alcoholic beverages or fireworks, for accessing places not allowed and disrupting lines.

In addition, fans were seen throwing tickets at the Boca fans, mocking the economic situation in the country.

Before the match, two men who worked as controls in the stadium were detected, identified with the clothing of the union of workers of sports and civil entities (UTEDyC), who were arrested for fraudby charging a minor from a Chilean family $100 to enter the Bombonera, and they seized false entries.

Two other Chilean fans were arrested for resistance and attack against authority when generating incidents at the entrances to the stadium.

The acts of violence that occurred on Tuesday night are being investigated by the Specialized Prosecutor's Office in Massive Events from the city of Buenos Aires.

Boca Juniors sealed victory against Colo Colo in a match with a goal from Marcelo Weigandtwhich ensured the pass of 'Xeneize' to the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores and left the Chileans with one last chance to reach the round of 16 on the next day, after the defeat of Sports Pereira 1-0 against him Monagas.

(With information from EFE)

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