50 meters with pure dribble and assistance: Yeferson Soteldo's “dance” to Medel for Salomón Rondón's great goal in Venezuela-Chile

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Goal by Salomón Rondon in Venezuela vs Chile

Perhaps the main symptom of his impact on the work was that the entire bench of substitutes and part of his teammates on the field went to surround him and congratulate him for the achievement and not to Salomon Rondon, River's historic scorer, who gave the last stitch. At 72 minutes of play, in the overwhelming 3-0 win by Venezuela in view of Chili for the South American Qualifiers, Yeferson Soteldo He created his best scene of a golden day for the Santos fantasista. In the 2-0 that his teammate lost to the striker, he took Gary Medel for 50 meters before feeding the center attacker, to the point that the former Boca will surely dream about his dribbling.

After an attack by La Roja, Cristian Casseres He transformed a rejection into a pass for the career of Soteldo, 26 years old. The midfielder, crossed by Medel, accelerated, but in the middle he threatened to cut inside, and then gain a length advantage on the outside. When the goalkeeper Cortés came out, launched in the sprint, it seemed that he would end up outside the limits of the field. However, in one move, he also overtook him and launched the cross for Rondón. who reached 41 points with Vinotinto.

It was his gem within a stellar performance by Yeferson, with an outstanding past in trans-Andean soccer (he played for Huachipato and the University of Chile). The 160 centimeter footballer opened the score with a low and cross shot and also assisted in the third goal. Darwin Machís: there, also turned to the left, the one he snubbed was Loyola, who didn't know how to stop him either.

The Soteldo-Medel duel had a close precedent: on October 1, the Venezuelan's Santos beat the Chilean's Vasco da Gama 4-1. And the striker couldn't think of a better idea than to stand on top of the ball, in an action that was judged as a provocation, and for which he received a blow and several pushes, including from the aforementioned Gary. Something similar to what happened in Palmeiras-Boca with the Argentine Valentín Barco, although on that occasion, in São Paulo, the reaction of the rivals was not so aggressive.

This time, Yeferson did not need to stand on the ball: he eroded it with a pure dribble, just as in the second conquest of the team led by Fernando Batista, which reached the seven-point line, with two victories, a draw and a setback. Thus, he valued the great draw he achieved in Brazil and dreams of qualifying for the World Cup in the United States, Mexico and Canada, which would be the first in his history.

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