5 rituals to attract luck during spring


The northern hemisphere is experiencing the transformative energy of spring, a time when nature turns green and plants begin to bloom. At the same time, the universe drives change through Aries season, a powerful seasoning for new beginnings. all this good vibes can bring luck and to take advantage of it we can resort to manifestation rituals.

According to astrologers, the energy that is felt in the environment during the spring season is one of abundance, and from AstrologyAnswers they share 5 simple energy procedures to attract luck. They explained that the basis of these rituals is gratitude, which they say is “magical and powerful” if we practice it daily.

1. Quartz to attract luck

These minerals from nature are in tune with certain energies of the universe. Those associated with luck and money are Citrine, Labradorite and Green Aventurine. You can use them as charms by keeping them in your wallet or pockets.

2. Ritual of gratitude

This ritual consists of writing down 3 things for which you feel gratitude in the morning and repeating the ritual at night writing down 3 situations that make you feel grateful. The goal is for gratitude to become a habit, and when you do, you’ll feel more optimistic, happy, spiritual, and confident, according to AstrologyAnswers.

3. Practice the Law of Assumption

This spiritual Law consists in assuming that anything can be true. It works similar to the Law of Attraction, with the difference that you must be sure that your desires have been fulfilled.

4. Money Jar Ritual

You will need a medium glass jar, add a pinch of Himalayan jar, some bay leaves, cinnamon, rosemary, thyme, basil, mint, some coins, quartz and 3 bills of the same denomination rolled up. As you add the ingredients, state your intentions related to abundance.

5. Use the power of affirmations

It is one of the simplest and most powerful ways to attract luck. Affirmations are short sentences of a positive nature that are manifested to the universe assuming that they are true. Although they can be personal, some options are “I am grateful that I am lucky and abundant”, “I am lucky that things always work out for me” or “I always have what I need”.

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