5 Particularly Strict Rules Subway Employees Must Follow

In order to comply with the franchise model, Subway store employees must follow a series of rules such as taking rigorous courses, following hygiene measures, and even "comforting" the customer.

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Since its foundation in 1965, Subway has expanded to become one of the largest fast food chains in the country.with more than 21,110 locations.

Since the stores operate under a franchise business model, the locations are owned and operated by private operators or companies affiliated with the actual Subway corporation. That is why stores must follow a series of rules to make the franchise workalthough some seem to be somewhat strange.

1. Whatever the customer asks for, even if it's a pizza

Through the Reddit forum, a former employee of the company said that on occasion he had to make a pizza at the request of the client, although the specialty does not appear on the menu. To do this, he piled cheese and toppings on an open piece of flatbread and then toasted it. In the end, the employee billed the pizza as a sandwich, according to the site Eat This, Not That.

2. Sandwiches can be delivered with separate ingredients

In case the client requests it, the employee is obliged to give the customer each ingredient separately. For example, if you order a turkey and cheese sandwich with lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise under this specification, you may receive a piece of bread in one bag, meat in another, cheese in another, and so on.

3. You should be served all the vegetables you want

Employees can serve you as many vegetables as you want at no extra cost. The worker will put a certain amount of any vegetable on your sandwich, but you can ask for more. The exception to this rule applies in the case of extra meat or cheese, says the site 120nions.

4. They should always heat meat, even for cold sandwiches

Other workers shared in the same forum that, at all times, prepared meats should be microwaved, even for cold sandwiches. This is to eliminate bacteria that may have formed, even if the meats are precooked.

5. Employee training

Before starting work, workers must undergo rigorous multi-day training with various written exams, according to a training manual. Some days are spent with internal affairs training, such as food storage and dishwashing, and others with customer-facing work, such as making sandwiches. There are also written tests throughout the training.

Through different internet platforms, company workers have shared some tricks to obtain more product for the same money, as well as some secrets that they handle in handling the ingredients.

In past months, the company launched 12 new sandwiches in order to renew itself and offer customers a greater variety.

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