5 Cuban rafters drowned in their attempt to reach Florida

5 Cuban rafters drowned in their attempt to reach Florida

Five Cuban migrants drowned this Saturday after the shipwreck of the boat in which they were trying to reach the coast of the United States and in which a total of 19 people were traveling.

The US Coast Guard reported this Sunday the incident, in which they were rescued nine people alive and five more are wanted.

“Teams are searching for five people about 50 miles off Little Torch Cay after a group put out to sea on a boat landlady that capsized during a failed migration adventure. Nine people were rescued, one person recovered died,” the news agency reported at first. Coast Guard On twitter.

In a later message he confirms that “four people drowned immediately” after capsizing the boat. “Some of those rescued wore life jackets, which saved their lives in 2-2.5-meter-deep seas and 50-kilometer-per-hour winds,” the U.S. Coast Guard said. USA.

The US authorities have warned of the risk of the sea crossing between Cuba and the United States and have warned that people who are intercepted will be repatriated.

The Coast Guard has intercepted 2,005 Cubans since October 1, 2022. During 2021, 6,182 were detained cuban migrants when they tried to reach the United States by sea.