4T dismantles Yucatecan opposition senators

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The Fourth Transformation has made its weight felt in Yucatán, because despite not winning a seat at the polls in 2018, the senators who came for the PRI and PAN are now part of his benchof the majority.

The last case, the most symbolic due to his extensive career in the ranks of the tricolor, was that of Jorge Carlos Ramírez Marín, who began his political career under the mantle of Roberto Madrazo and was one of the main operators of former President Enrique Peña Nieto.

Twice local deputy, three times federal legislator, state leader of the PRI, president of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Deputies, Peña Nieto's deputy campaign coordinator in 2018 and federal official in his administration and eternal candidate for governor of his entity, will now participate in the internal process of Morena to define its standard bearer for the government of Yucatán.

Ramírez Marín left the ranks of the PRI and joined the Fourth Transformation through the Green Party, thereby the bench grows to seven legislatorssurpassing Morena's other ally, the PT, becoming the fifth force in the Senate.

The arrival of the former PRI member It was operated by the Green coordinator himselfRaúl Bolaños, who, according to sources consulted by MILLENNIUM "he consolidated his faction and guarantees more votes for the 4T at the close of the legislature."

Ramírez Marín was host and actively participated in the last debate among the candidates to coordinate the Broad Front for Mexico, Xóchitl Gálvez and Beatriz Paredes, which took place in Mérida, Yucatán last month.

Also He sneaked into the photo between Claudia Sheinbaum Morena's coordinator in the Senate, Eduardo Ramírez, when the former visited his bench in the legislative chamber.

Before the transfer of the former PRI member, 4T added the then PAN member, Raúl Paz, who joined the ranks of Morena in September of last year.

During the change of colors, the Senate discussed the functions of the incorporation of the Army in public security tasks, so the vote of new members was vital in the division of positions in the Senate plenary session.

The PAN senators They condemned the departure of Senator Raúl Paz and they accused that the guinda party “uses the worst practices of politics to buy wills.”

Through a statement, the blue and white party disapproved of Senator Raúl Paz's decision to abandon their ranks and “join those who promote destruction from Mexico".

In 2018, Verónica Camino Farjat came to the Senate under the acronym of the PRI and in alliance with the Green and the PES, being the second formula for the Todos por México coalitionJorge Carlos Ramírez Marín being a candidate in the first formula.

Upon assuming the position of senator on September 1, 2018, she joined the bench of the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico and On February 15, 2021, he joined the ranks of Morenaparty of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, from where she sought to be Morena's candidate for the municipal presidency of Mérida.


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