440 tons of humanitarian aid for victims of 'Otis'

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In seven days, the Mexican Red Cross has managed to collect more than 440 tons of humanitarian aid from 25 Collection Centers installed in 14 states of the country that were distributed among those affected by Hurricane Otis in different parts of the Costa Grande of Guerrero.

According to the national president of the Mexican Red Cross, Carlos Freaner, during the delivery of humanitarian aid in the “La Poza” neighborhood, on Boulevard de Las Unidas, the support of Mexican society in natural disasters is fundamental.

“The support that Mexican society gives to the Red Cross is important, we ask, donate to the Red Cross and here we demonstrate that we are hand-delivering to each person affected by this hurricane the help we receive in our Collection Centers. "We do it with great pleasure and we do it in a very organized way with all our fellow volunteers."

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He highlighted that 400 volunteers from different delegations in the country moved to the port of Acapulco to support those who were already in humanitarian aid efforts after the hurricane.

He regretted the deaths that this natural phenomenon has generated, while emphasizing that fortunately the population had minimal effects on the issue of life; However, in the economic part they lost their sources of employment and homes.

“It is something we deeply regret, but the personal damage may have been much greater; However, the economic damage, the damage of there being no work, the damage of there being no housing, the damage of not having the resources to acquire their supplies, is enormous damage for the population.”

He added that he had never seen so much destruction in a hurricane event or simply in earthquakes; But in hurricanes he had not seen so much destruction that affects so many people.

“It is catastrophic, but it did not affect the population much.”

The national president of the Mexican Red Cross, Carlos Freaner, assured that, in the next few hours, the installation of a community kitchen is planned, where food will be channeled to those affected by Otis.

"A very large community kitchen is going to be opened, the Red Cross is going to make important donations, trailers of food to be processed in that Center and we are also going to set up a pre-hospital medical care area for the benefit of society."

The pre-hospital medical care area will open in the next few hours at the Walmart Diamante area facilities, which consists of eight modules with an equal number of doctors, who will be able to care for four patients per hour for free; that is, 15 minutes of consultation with medications included.

Woman's hands in pantry packaging

Being the national president of the volunteer ladies of the Mexican Red Cross goes beyond being the wife of the national president of this worthy institution, it goes beyond official events; If not, ask Beatriz Nieves from Freaner to show you the blisters left by the packaging of the pantries that are donated in Acapulco, Guerrero.

Of ease of speech with a smile on the surface and the unmistakable tone of voice of the natives of Sonora, Beatriz Nieves, without pretension, told in an informal talk, how 300 people (including her) work from Tuesday, October 24 to Monday, October 30 12 hours a day to package 440 tons of humanitarian aid.

“We put together these boxes, I know perfectly well what each box brings, we put them together, it brings rice, it brings tuna; It brings a lot of things with which all these people can last three to four days feeding.”

They capture Uriel Antuna delivering groceries after Hurricane Otis

Accustomed to high temperatures, Beatriz likes what people say to her, because “I don't have a noble title”, she put her hands in to distribute help to those who need it; However, that does not make him forget her children, who understand the work of her parents.

“It is very difficult to leave home, leave my children, leave my family; It is very difficult, but at the same time it is very satisfying to be able to say, thank you, my God, we are here at this moment.”

In the next few days he will return with his team to continue bringing humanitarian aid to the different communities affected by Hurricane Otis, he will return to help those who are in need at this time.


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