4,078 homicides reported in Guatemala during 2021 | News

The National Institute of Forensic Sciences of Guatemala (Inacif) reported this Wednesday that 4,078 homicides were committed in 2021, which represents an average of 11.1 murders per day, a figure higher than the 3,500 crimes registered in 2020.


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In this sense, the Inacif specified that of the total of referenced cases, 2,659 murders were perpetrated with a pistol, which is equivalent to an increase in the number of shooting murders, after reporting in 2020 at least 2,276 deaths from gunshot wounds.

Likewise, the agency reported that last December 356 homicides were committed, of which 65 were femicides; for a total of 652 women murdered in 2021, more than half by firearms.

According to Inacif, homicides whose victims are women increased by 28.5 percent in relation to the 2020 reports, when 507 femicides were investigated.

During the last years, in the Central American country approximately 60,000 violent crimes that attempted against the life of a person have been denounced, of which 90 percent remain without being convicted.

Although the number of murders committed in 2021 exceeds the reported cases in 2020 by 578 deaths, it did not exceed the 4,645 completed homicides in 2019.