30 thousand players register for the Américas Kings League draft

30 thousand players register for the Américas Kings League draft
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The draft of the Americas Kings League It brought together more than 30 thousand applicants from Latin America who seek to become the 120 base players who will be part of the competition.

According to the organizers, this figure exceeds the record of the Kings League in Spain, whose first draft called for more than 13 thousand players.

“We are very excited by the large number of talented players who want to be part of the first Américas Kings League Santander draft. We have seen very interesting candidates and that will help us keep the level of competition at the highest level, to surprise the fans in every game,” said Miguel Layún, president of the Américas Kings League Santander.

After the applicants complete their registration on the platform, a specialized team from the Américas Kings League Santander will be in charge of applying different filters to select those players who meet the requirements to move on to the next phase.

On December 2, the tests will be held, where the players must demonstrate their physical abilities and technique on the playing field, in order to evaluate each of their profiles and generate the file that will be evaluated by the presidents of each club.

“In the Américas Kings League Santander we are looking for players of the highest competitive level who will help us raise the level of play. We thank the thousands of applicants who participated in the registration stage, because in addition to having obtained a great response, we are very happy to have the representation of all the countries that make up our league," said Marc Crosas, competition director of the Americas Kings League Santander.

The contenders for the crown

The 12 teams of the Américas Kings League Santander will compete every week in a 7-a-side format, until they reach the playoffs.

The league will have two splits of 11 days each and after the regular phase, the playoffs for the title will begin among the top eight finishers.

A new co-chair recently joined the competition: Yolothe Venezuelan content creator, will join forces with The Donato to take Los Chamos FC to the top of the league.

The teams and their respective presidents are now:

German Garmendiapresident of Real Titan

Javier 'Chicharito' Hernandezpresident of Olimpo United

Futbolitos and Alofokeco-presidents of Los Galacticos del Caribe

Golden Scorpion and Gabriel Montielco-presidents of Peluche Caligari

Westcol and Archangelco-presidents of West Santos FC

Mercedes Roapresident of Club de Cuervos

Jero Freixaspresident of Muchachos FC

James Rodriguez and Pelicangerco-presidents of Atlético Parceros FC

Zeeinpresident of Persas FC

Alana and BarcaGamerco-presidents of Raniza FC

-Castro, president of The Aliens

TheDonato and Yoloco-presidents of Los Chamos FC

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