3 Hand Soap Brands That Are Making You More Attractive to Mosquitoes

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Mexico.-Do mosquitoes follow you a lot? Maybe it all has to do with the 3 brands of hand soap that are making you more attractive to these insects.

Sometimes mosquitoes stick to one person compared to others, but figuring out why this happens is no longer a mystery.

Thanks to a study, it was found that some hand soaps are more attractive to mosquitoes because of their smell.

In this sense, we tell you the 3 brands of soap that are attractive to mosquitoes:

Dial Hand Soap has a neutral fragrance; according to his description, it gives you softness and moisture for your skin.

It is made with high quality ingredients to make you feel fresh all day.

But it is one of the soaps that, due to its chemical substance, increases the attraction of mosquitoes.

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If you don't want to attract mosquitoes, don't use Dove Hand Wash.

Dove soap is a classic in Mexican families for its softness and effectiveness in eliminating bacteria.

But thanks to its ingredients that make it up, they make you more attractive to mosquitoes to bite you.

  • Mineral oil
  • phenoxyethanol
  • silicones
  • Sulfate surfactants
  • Aluminum
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Simple Truth Hand Soap has a honey almond fragrance and is for sensitive skin.

Although it does not contain ingredients with aggressive chemicals since they are organic, it is one of the soaps that attracts mosquitoes.

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Research at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, United States, has shown that the smell of some soaps can attract mosquitoes.

While that of others has a repellent effect, as is the example of native soap; which tended to repel mosquitoes.

This is due to the combination of soap fragrances with other body hygiene products that change our predominant smell.

Increasing or decreasing the attraction to mosquitoes.

"Soaps drastically change the way we smell, not only by adding chemicals, but also by causing variations in the emission of compounds that we already produce naturally,"


Another of the most outstanding points of the research was that mosquitoes do not only care about the most abundant chemical substance.

If not also the specific associations and combinations of personal body odors.

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