3.5 tons of ‘baticoca’ floated in the Pacific Ocean

The New Zealand Police reported this Wednesday that they intercepted a total of 3.2 tons of cocaine floating in Pacific waters, in an operation that represents one of the largest seizures of this drug in the country.

It is estimated that the shipment, presumably coming from South America and destined for Australiahas a black market value of 316 million US dollars, the Police published today in a statement.

Several of the packages from the seized shipment had a label with the symbol of the superhero from the DC comics, Batman. Others had the image of a shamrock.

“There is no doubt that this discovery deals a severe financial blow to everyone, from the South American producers to the distributors of this product,” said the commissioner of the New Zealand PoliceAndrew Coster.

In a releaseCoster stated that the distribution of any illicit drug “causes a great deal of social harm, as well as negative health and financial implications for communities, especially for drug users and their families.”

The authorities New Zealanders -that they did not provide more details about the place where they found the cargo– reported that they have already sent the 81 packages with the drug to the oceanic country aboard a Navy ship and later its destruction will proceed.

In this operational called Hydros – which began in December 2022 and involved customs officers and the New Zealand armed forces – no arrests were made.