285 aspire to nine candidates from the 4T; they register with Morena

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Morena registered a total of 285 candidates to participate in the internal processes to elect the state coordinators of the nine governorships that are contested in 2024, of which 61% are men, totaling 174; 38.5% are women, making a total of 110, and only one of the registered people assumes a different sexual identity.

Jalisco is the federal entity where the most interested in participating were registered, counting 49, of which 28 are women and 21 men, making it the only one where there is female dominance in the applicants.

Chiapas registered 31 interested parties; eight women and 23 men. In Mexico City, 32 people registered, of which eight are women and 24 men; In Guanajuato the list is 19 registered, making it the entity where the fewest people raised their hands to win the competition against the PAN, which is the opponent to beat; Of those 19, eight are women and 11 men.

In Morelos, 31 people registered; Of them, 12 are women and 19 men. In Puebla there were 27, of which 10 are women and 17 men. In Tabasco, 21 people registered; Of them, six are women and 15 men.

Veracruz registered 48, making it the second state with the most interested parties to become governor in 2024; Of them, 20 are women, 27 are men and one assumed a different sexual identity.

And in Yucatán there are 27 candidates, of which 10 are women and 17 men, including the three senators who resigned from the party with which they won the seat and are now part of the ruling party led by Morena.

Interviewed in the Senate, Mario Delgado, national president of Morena, explained that “the route, now, is that everyone is going to participate; No one is going to be excluded. Surveys are going to begin to recognize those registered in each state.

"The State Councils are also going to meet to give us their opinion regarding the profiles that should go to the final survey, and the Election Commission will make this assessment based on the recognition surveys and the proposals of the State Councils, to define the final list that would go to the survey, which will be the definitive one,” he specified.

“As the blind man said: we'll see.”

Questioned about the appeal filed by Marcelo Ebrard before the Electoral Tribunal of the Judicial Branch of the Federation (TEPJF) so that the Honesty and Justice Commission responds to the challenge he presented so that the internal process that gave Claudia Sheinbaum as the winner as National coordinator of the Committees for the Defense of the Fourth Transformation, Mario Delgado said that he would respond in the next few hours.

When asked if there is a willingness to reinstate the internal process, as requested by Ebrard, he indicated: "Well, as the blind man said: 'we'll see.'"

The national leader of Morena reiterated his conviction that, in 2024, Morena will reaffirm its victory in the Presidency of the Republic.

“We are doing very well, we have a very important advantage. There is no survey that puts us below 50%. So, the party's task is to organize the militants, the sympathizers, the entire citizenry, so that the will that is now seen in the polls becomes an electoral result next 2024,” he said.

  • 61 percent of the candidates to fight for a candidacy are men.
  • 38.5 percent of the registrations to compete for a candidacy are women.

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