282 people die due to heavy rains in Pakistan | News


Pakistani authorities reported Thursday that 282 people have died and another 211 have been injured since June 14 due to heavy rains that continue to affect the Asian nation.


Heavy rains in Pakistan leave more than 160 dead

The National Disaster Management Authority (ANMD) highlighted that among the deceased are 160 women and children.

The largest number of victims are reported in the province of Baluchistan, located in the southwest, where 88 people lost their lives and 62 were injured.

Sindh province was the second in the country according to the number of deaths with 67, in Punjab 57 and in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 56, in addition to another 14 who died in other regions of the nation.

Likewise, the entity’s report has revealed that at least 5,500 homes have been partially or totally destroyed, as well as shops and buildings in various areas of the country.

The national authorities highlighted that assistance and rescue work is in process and the ANMD agency has given the victims food packages, tents, kitchen kits, mosquito nets, hygiene kits, blankets and tarps to the victims of rains and floods throughout the country.

The Pakistan Meteorological Department announced more rains for the next few days in the framework of the monsoon rains that will continue to affect the territory during this week.

This institution recommended the authorities and people to remain alert due to flash floods and landslides that can be generated due to heavy and intense rains.

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