23 days of extreme checks and delays at the border

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Fernando A. Mora Guillén

  • 23 days of extreme checks and delays at the border.
  • Strong slowdown in Global Trade in 2023.
  • Stock market behavior factor to consider at the IMF meeting.

With losses already estimated at 1.9 billion dollars due to merchandise stranded at border crossings with Texas, this week could mark a month in which North American authorities unilaterally decided to delay merchandise crossings.

The National Chamber of Cargo Transportation joins the concern of the productive sectors, given the crisis that has been generated in the border area.

The decision of the Texas Government directly affects supply chains, compromising the stability of companies on both sides of the border. This action goes against the understanding established between the Governments of Mexico and the United States in the T-MEC.

Take it carefully.- Compared to the growth of World Trade of 2.7% in 2022, for this 2023, the World Trade Organization estimates a growth of only 0.8%, the above due to the persistence of inflation, and restrictive monetary policies, in the United States and the European Union.

For 2024, the WTO maintains its forecasts, and expects global trade to grow 3.3%, estimating a slow but stable increase in World GDP, which in 2023 will be 2.6% and in 2024 2.5%.

Take it with Interest.- The behavior that the stock markets have shown in recent weeks should be a point to be considered by the Governors of the Central Banks at the Meeting that the International Monetary Fund will hold this week.

The inflationary behaviors that have maintained rising rates throughout the last year suggest that caution must be taken in the face of market reactions.

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