209 Venezuelans return from Peru with Plan Vuelta a la Patria | News

Venezuelan authorities confirmed this Thursday the arrival of 209 nationals from Peru on a flight from the Venezuelan Consortium of Aeronautical Industries and Air Services (Conviasa) as part of the Plan Vuelta a la Patria promoted by the president, Nicolás Maduro.


Venezuelans return from Ecuador in Plan Vuelta a la Patria

The Minister of People’s Power for Transportation, Ramón Velásquez Araguayán, published that the Plan Vuelta a la Patria facilitates “the return of Venezuelans to the country as well as family reunions during the holiday season. Today a Conviasa flight arrived with 209 compatriots from Peru”.

The Ministry of Popular Power for Foreign Relations confirmed that the Venezuelans took off in a Coviasa Airbus 340-300 plane from the Jorge Chávez International Airport, located in the Peruvian capital.

The Venezuelan consul in Lima, Vivian Alvarado, stated that “today they return home, with great enthusiasm, with joy, through the Plan Vuelta a la Patria, a humanist program with an extraordinary scope.”

According to the Foreign Ministry, among this group of returnees, who remained in vulnerable conditions abroad, approximately 60 children are registered, as well as a dozen adolescents.

In this sense, Luis Rafael Matos, who lived in Peru for four years, expressed that the Caracas initiative “gives every Venezuelan the possibility of that great family reunion. Thanks to this plan, our desire to be with our families has been fulfilled.”

Since 2018, the Plan Vuelta a la Patria has guaranteed the voluntary return of 172 flights and a maritime transfer of a total of 30,103 Venezuelans from 25 countries.