2026 Qualifiers LIVE position table: Peru falls 0-2 with Argentina at the close of date 4

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Check the standings of the South American Qualifiers before date 4.

Today, Tuesday, October 17, date 4 of the South American Qualifiers heading to the North American World Cup 2026 and it will be the last one for the month of October. After the previous day, the Positions table. In that sense, know where the ten teams from this part of the continent rank while the matches are played LIVE.

Peru falls 0-1 with Argentina in the first half of the game. The 'bicolor' They fell to the bottom of the standings after two consecutive defeats. Last Thursday, October 12, he succumbed during his visit to Santiago against Chili in a context that called for resurgence to continue in the race for a place at the World Cup event. The 'southerners' They won 2-0 with goals from Diego Valdés and Marcos López's own goal. This result caused discomfort throughout the Perusince both fans and journalists questioned Juan Reynoso's starting eleven and the defensive proposal without generating play despite having players for it.

Peru is currently in box 9 and far from the qualification zone, so today against Argentina it will have to raise its head. The duel is played at 9:00 p.m. at the National Stadium in Lima.

This is how they sang at the National Stadium for date 4 of the 2026 South American Qualifiers. (Video: ATV)

This is the positioning of the 10 South American teams who are fighting for a place in the 2026 World Cup. Argentina is the undisputed leader, followed by Uruguay. Brazil fell to third position after its defeat against Uruguay.

While, Venezuela rose to fourth position after the 3-0 win over Chile at home. Colombia and Ecuador are in fifth and sixth place in the table. Paraguay stayed in 7th place after beating Bolivia, which does not end up raising its head and added its fourth consecutive defeat.

Chile is in eighth position, Peru in ninth and at the bottom is Bolivia.

This is how the standings go in the 2026 Qualifiers
This is how the standings go in the 2026 Qualifiers

Brazil vs Uruguay

Uruguay vs Brazil They face each other 2-0 at the Centenario stadium in Montevideo. The 'charrúas'under the command of Marcelo Bielsa beats the 'canarinha' in Brazil. Despite the momentary defeat, Brazil remains in second place in the 2026 Qualifiers standings, while Uruguay remains in fourth place.

Goal by Darwin Núñez for Uruguay 1-0 Brazil in the 2026 Qualifiers. AUF TV

Now, in another meeting, Ecuador tied 0-0 Colombia at the Rodrigo Paz Delgado stadium in Quito. The 'tricolor' He started with three points less, as a result of the sanction he received for the poor registration in the last qualifying process of the Colombian Byron Castillo. However, he managed to accumulate two wins (Uruguay and Bolivia) and one defeat (Argentina), placing himself in seventh place with three points.

With the results of the matches between Chile and Venezuela, the table moved and Colombia moved to fourth place, while Ecuador is ranked 6th.

Goal annulled by Colombia against Ecuador for the 4th of the 2026 Qualifiers | Movistar Sports

Paraguay won 1-0 to Bolivia for matchday 4 and at the Antonio Aranda stadium in Ciudad del Este. The 'Guarani' They don't know of victories so far Qualifiers, since they have a draw (against Peru) and two defeats (with Venezuela and Argentina), which is why they are in eighth place. While the 'green' They have not added any points for the three defeats in a row (Brazil, Argentina and Ecuador). The 'Guarani', like Peru, are not raising their heads and hope that they will add their first points against Bolivia, although the highlands are the most urgent to add three, since they are at the bottom of the Positions table.

Goal from Sanabria to put the match Paraguay 1-0 Bolivia for the 2026 Qualifiers. DSports

Venezuela thrashed 3-0 Chili in Maturín and became the surprise of the date. This Venezuelan victory gives a break to the team that climbed to third position and displaced Colombia, which dropped to 4th place. Chile, meanwhile, is in sixth place.


Goal by Darwin Machís to seal Venezuela's 3-0 victory over Chile in the 2026 Qualifiers. RCN


Salomón Rondón scores the second goal for Venezuela 2-0 Chile in the 2026 Qualifiers. RCN


Soteldo scores the first goal in Maturín for Venezuela 1-0 Chile in the 2026 Qualifiers. RCN
Peru lost 2-0 to Chile on date 3 of the 2026 Qualifiers

- Venezuela 3-0 Chile (Finished)

- Paraguay 1-0 Bolivia (Finished)

- Ecuador 0-0 Colombia (Finished)

- Uruguay 2-0 Brazil (Finished)

- Peru vs Argentina (9:00 p.m. / Lima National Stadium)

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